Starburst Hotpad Pattern

I found this pattern translation of a free pattern that was written in French.  I don’t read French but the English translation was a bit confusing to me so I’m writing it up in the hopes of making it easier to read for beginners.  

Here’s the original link I found:

I use hook H and 2 colors, one a verigated color, and a solid. Cotton yarn is a must!

Dc=double crochet
Sc=single crochet
Slip stitch

With your first color, ch 5, slip stitch to 1st ch creating a loop. 

Round 1:  ch 3, (counts as 1 dc). 3 dc into loop, ch 6. (Makes 1 pattern) *4 dc into loop, ch 6* repeat from * for a total of 3 additional patterns.  Slip stitch final ch 6 to the 3rd ch of the beginning of this round. Tie off.

Round 2: Using color 2, join in your last 6 ch space.  Ch 3,11dc. (Makes one pattern of 12dc). 12dc in each 6 Ch space of round 1 for a total of 4 – 12dc patterns. Slip stitch final dc to the 3rd ch of the beginning of this round. Tie off.

Makes 1 motif,  repeat for 5 motifs.

Attach motifs: using color 1, join into beginning stitch of your final 12dc pattern in round 2.  *Sc in next 23 dc of round 2. (24 stitches total.)  Pick up next motif,  sc into first dc of your final 12dc pattern in round 2.* repeat from * to attach all 5 motifs. On fifth motif,  sc into first dc of your final 12dc pattern in round 2, 47 sc in each dc around entire motif.  **Sc in first dc of 3rd 12dc pattern of next motif, sc in next 23 dc** repeat from ** until you’ve worked back around the first motif.  Slip stitch into joining stitch on attachment border.  Tie off. With all motifs facing up,  tie first motif to fifth motif creating a circle.  The inner circle is the 10 dc patterns from round 2 that you will be folding to make Starburst. 

Using a yarn needle or hook,  run yarn from color 1 through 12th sc (center of each motifs 12dc patterns) of the inner circle of each motif,  pull tight and tie of.  This clusters the bottom center of each motif into the center of the hot pad.  Turn up and fold back each 12dc pattern from round 2 to make starburst. Weave in tails. 

People either tack these down or iron them to hold their shape.  There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing each of these steps.  If you catch a mistake I’ve made,  please feel free to let me know and I’ll correct it as soon as I can.  I intend to add pictures when I’m not posting from my mobile. 

Happy hooking!